1985 Glasair 1RG

SOLD! thanks for looking!

The most fun you can have on 8 gallons per hour! A great, super-efficient IFR travelling machine that has been from Seattle to the Bahamas with snappy light controls. Comfortable to fly long distance and fun to tear around with +6/-4 G load limits and a quick 140 degree/second roll rate.

Annual done January 2021: All compressions between 74-76, oil filter inspected for metal and none found. Other general squaks fixed including a new main tire, replaced cracked cowling baffle, clean gascolator, replaced exhaust hangar with improved mount, greased prop hub, cleaned/greased steering neck, cleaned/rotated all spark plugs, repacked wheel bearings and other minor repairs.

Engine and Airframe

  • IO-320-C1A
    • 2380 hours SMOH
    • Good compression and low oil consumption
    • 160 Horsepower
  • Large Rudder Option
  • 53 Gallons fuel (42 wing + 11 header). 6 hour endurance!
  • Upgraded Grove brakes- dual piston, thick disc, lightweight magnesium wheels
  • Manual flaps
  • Emergency gear hand pump
  • Inner and Outer gear doors
  • Pilot side sliding window (Can be open in flight below 120 knots)
  • Copilot controls and brakes
  • LED landing and position lights. Landing light blink mode
  • Xenon strobes
  • Heated pitot
  • Vinyl lettering and graphics- easily removed and changed


  • Garmin GNS-430W WAAS GPS/nav/comm
  • Garmin CDI with glideslope
  • Garmin GTX-330 Mode S transponder with TIS
  • Bendix KY97A Com 2 radio
  • Garmin G5 mini EFIS with GPS
  • Standard 6 pack instruments, IFR capable
  • PS Engineering audio panel with music input
  • EchoUAT ADSB in/out hardwired to GPS, Encoder, Transponder
  • All antennas inside airframe behind bulkhead. Clean!
  • Digital fuel flow totalizer
  • EGT/CHT/OAT display
  • 12V outlet

Recent Maintenance

  • New starter 10/2020
  • Overhauled pilot brake master cylinders 12/2019
  • Overhauled gear actuator seals 6/2019
  • New Alternator 1/2019
  • New vacuum pump 5/2018


24″ / 2400 RPM: 8-7 gallons per and hour 166 knots TAS typical 6000-11000′
Rotation speed 80 knots.
Typical pattern entry 120 knots on downwind, slowing to 90 on final, touchdown at 70-75.
Gear speed 120 knots
+6/-4 G rating
140 degrees/second roll rate. Short wings with snappy pushrod performance!