C/Ku Hybrid Truck

A recent trend in the SNG industry has been for smaller, compact uplink trucks. DCI has you covered there too, but for working a large event, there is nothing like the capability of a full-size satellite truck. And we set out to build one that is like nothing else on the road with extensive transmission capacity and redundancy- even extending to the generator! Our “command center” style truck has features that make it perfect for everything from REMI “At Home” backhauls to Media Tours, to extended major news events and on-site production, and has crew amenities found nowhere else. On-board Novelsat NS4 internet over satellite capability allow everything from basic low-bitrate comms to broadband internet access for 4K streaming, perfect for disaster recovery operations. Large fuel capacity allows this truck to have 85 hours of generator run time. The flexibility of a C band uplink gives enhanced rain fade protection and availability of space on days when breaking news fills the Ku band spectrum. See the highlights below.

RF System and Transmission- By the Numbers

Power System

  • 20 Kw diesel generator
  • 100 gallons of fuel – Up to 85 hours continual run time
  • 110V “emergency power” input

Support and Monitoring

  • 72×72 3G-SDI/ASI router
  • Leader HD-SDI analyzer with eye pattern
  • ASI stream analysis and recording
  • GrassValley X16 two-headed multiviewer
    Supports two simultaneous monitor wall layouts, up to 16 monitors
    Two 50″ screens for multiviewer display
  • AES digital audio router
  • TWO Lectro wireless IFB transmitters with 4 beltpacks
  • Thousands of feet of fiber with integrated Telecast system
  • Extensive dedicated monitoring
  • Avenue Designs Ensemble frames with HD-DAs, audio processing
  • Four IFB channels, Four PL channels with source assignment
  • Analog audio router for media tour phone interviews
  • GPS-referenced time code clocks
  • Terranex up/down/cross/frame conversion
  • Wired for drop-in switcher

Environmental, work space, and amenities

If you’re covering a multi-day news event, or doing a multi-camera production, the workspace and amenities available in this truck really separate it from the “little guys”.

  • Over 100 square feet of floor space
  • Seating for 7 with two producer stations
  • Quiet, ducted air conditioning and heating
  • Fridge, microwave, and restroom
  • Power-deployed sun awning