• Microwave from The Mall for the 4th of July

Microwave allows short to medium distance, point to point transmission of video or data.  DCI has several systems for both camera back mounting and fixed links.  Our microwave systems operate in licensed bands.  In DC, we have exclusive use of 50 MHz of spectrum in the 6/7 GHz range.  We have NuComm 6GHz COFDM camera-back systems whick when paired with a wireless IFB and microphone allow live shots to be untethered from the satellite truck.   This same transmitter can be mounted to a high-gain antenna on a tripod, allowing fixed shots where it is not possible to run cable, such as inside crowded buildings, or across busy streets. Our satellite trucks have 40′ masts allowing them to integrate with the system as transmitters or receivers with extra range.  Our trucks have shot microwave back to DCi from locations where satellite visibility is restricted.  Our multiple fiber stand-up positions around DC can also be used as microwave receive points, greatly increasing the versatility of this system. We also have 40 GHz systems which are ideal for short distance, medium-bitrate (up to 45 Mbps) bidirectional links between two fixed locations.  Another advantage of microwave is it does not require purchasing satellite time, the spectrum is ours to use whenever we need.