Our downtown DC teleport is the heart of DCI’s fiber and satellite network, and is the hub site for our Internet By Satellite service.  DCI also operates the only C band uplink facilities in the city.

With visibility to the satellite orbital arc from 5W to 130W DCI can provide single-hop satellite feeds to the Middle East, using our agile 4.5m antennas and fixed antennas from 2.4m through 3.8m.

Multiple broadcasters are located in our building, allowing direct local fiber connections to dozens of news outlets.  We have redundant Tier 1 internet providers connected to our teleport, which is the source for DCI’s Internet By Satellite service, as well as internet streaming.

Our teleport is a meeting point for multiple long-haul fiber providers, satellite networks, and DCI’s own Washington, DC network of standup positions at The Capitol, The White House and other locations.

Cross Connections are available to and between The Switch, LTN, VYVX, The Washington AVOC, as well as carriers including Arqiva, EBU, and networks including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, and C-SPAN.

On net Government Agencies include The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), The House and Senate Recording Studios, The State Department, HUD, The Federal Reserve, and The Pentagon Briefing Room.

On net think tanks and NGO’s include The Brookings Institute, CSIS, The OAS, The IMF, and The World Bank.  Our connectivity in Washington is second to none.